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Idbool is a CC-NUMA SSI system of 192 cores using the [ Numascale] Numaconnect interconnect.

Technically, the machine is composed of 4 nodes, each equiped with 3 AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6376 (Abu Dhabi) and interconnected to the other nodes using the Numaconnect interconnect in a tore configuration (double links).

This Numaconnect interconnect provides a full hardware SSI. As a result the system appears as a single Linux system.

Currently the systems is powerd by a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with

Technical docs

Installation notes

Instruction to install the system with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • Alter /etc/sysct.conf and kernel parameters (taken from the Numascale Wiki:
  • Apply the patch from due to software raid
  • Remove irqbalance, suggested by Numascale
  • Disable selinux and apparmor in /etc/default/grub, after that update-grub. Also disabled apparmor startup script
  • Blacklist the edac drivers, because they caused and error during boot seen in dmesg ( /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf )
    • Not recommended by NumaScale, therefore reverted the steps above again. The traces can be considered as warning
    • This is due to scalability in the kernel, which should be fixed with the NumScale provided kernel
  • Install the linux-image-3.15.10-numascale17+_3.15.10-numascale17+-2_amd64.deb patch:
    • Works perfectly, scales pretty good: but swap is not in the kernel, so no swap space is usable. But swapping on a Numasystem does not make sense at all, because this slows down even more than on a normal system
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